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Select a target in the project editor to view and modify the target’s settings. Mac OS apps use the Services item to add items that appear in the Services menu. Please read Apple's Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy With the Xcode debugger, you have tools for debugging, analyzing, and tuning OpenGL ES and Metal apps that are useful during all stages of development. Use the search field to filter the items displayed in the variables pane. You specify the type of output the console displays with the pop-up menu in the lower-left corner of the console pane: All Output displays target and debugger output. See the discussion of how to use the queue display in the next chapter, Thread and Queue Debugging. In addition to the areas and controls located in the Xcode main window panels and toolbar, the Xcode main menu bar includes the Product and Debug menus. This filter displays only crashed threads and threads with debug symbols. Info pane. Here are a few notes about debugging in general and some basic information about Xcode as you begin to read this chapter.

Please try submitting your feedback later. This option makes debugging your XPC services seamless (remember that they are separate processes). before you send us your feedback. To change the scope of a breakpoint, Control-click the breakpoint and use Move Breakpoint To > User or Move Breakpoint To > Jogr, the two available choices since this is a project not contained in a workspace. Conditions and actions are the most commonly used breakpoint options. Stop button. Log Dynamic Linker API Usage. When your app is paused, the currently executing line of code is highlighted in green. A target inherits the project’s build settings. A breakpoint is a mechanism to pause an app during execution at a predetermined location in order to inspect the state of variables and the app’s control flow. Spikes in the histogram show activity. This kind of instruction pointer manipulation is only infrequently useful for testing very specific situations, for example, when you’ve accidentally stepped over a line in the source and need to force it to be executed. The Trash button at the lower right allows you to clear the console at any time in your session. Control-click the breakpoint in the breakpoint navigator and choose Edit Breakpoint from the pop-up menu to display the breakpoint editor.

The URL Types setting lets you specify custom schemas for exchanging data with other apps by using custom protocols. Use Quick Look to produce a visual rendering depending upon the type of the selected variable. Enable Undefined Behavior Sanitizer. Your input helps improve our developer documentation. Examining the Backtrace in the Debug Navigator, Apple's Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy. Hierarchical list organization. A target specifies a product to build, such as an iOS, watchOS, or OS X app. Add a capability by setting a switch to On. They allow you to hide or show either the variable view or the console. A usual run action in Xcode consists of a few independent steps: Datatips. Click the buttons at the lower right of the console to control the display of the debug area. Add guard pages before and after large allocations. Enabling this filter is handy if you have a lot of breakpoints defined but are working with only a small set of them in an enabled state. You’ll get a popup, where by entering PID or name you can attach to the debugger. Click to build and run. When you select “Debug XPC services used by this application,” Xcode automatically attaches to and breaks in any XPC services triggered by your app. The presence of hidden symbols is indicated by a dotted line in the stack frame. Step out of a jumped-to routine; that is, complete the current routine and step to the next routine or back to the calling routine. By default, it is set to Auto. The General pane for a target shows basic settings that you occasionally check and possibly edit. Variable view menu. Anything I can do to resolve these warning? It is discussed in the next chapter, see Debugging View Hierarchies. Every project contains at least one target. The result of that change is shown in the hierarchy like this: Just like variables listed in variable view, the several kinds of breakpoints listed in the breakpoint navigator are tagged with icons to make it easy to recognize them. Click a debug gauge as your app runs to display a live detail report in the main editor. The icons used in the variable list allow easy recognition of the variable kind at a glance. Right- or Control-click a variable in the list to display commands that act on the variable. For example, UTIs support copying and pasting to and from the Clipboard between apps. The Xcode toolbar contains the most basic controls you need to start debugging. You can suspend the execution of your app by clicking the Pause button, which toggles between to pause and to continue. View Memory of “{variable}”. The variable view lists each variable available in the context where the app is paused. LLDB is tightly integrated with the compiler, which enables it to provide the Xcode debugger with deep capabilities in a user-friendly environment. How to Add Your Swift Package to the Swift Package Index, Implement the Builder Design Pattern in Swift 5, Adapting Objective-C APIs to Swift With NS_REFINED_FOR_SWIFT. Select Attach to Process. This filter hides threads that may not be relevant to debugging your code by suppressing the display of stack frames without debug symbols. An option in the editor allows you to add the expression to the variable list in all stack frames. If a breakpoint is not in the ideal location, drag the indicator to a better location. The Document Types setting specifies the document types you can create and edit in your app and provides a custom icon displayed for that document type by iOS or the Mac OS. The variable name is followed by the variable value as generated by the data formatter for the variable type. Click the “enabled breakpoints” filter button to show only the enabled breakpoints in your project. page. Debug – Used for running the environment locally for testing by the development team if needed. In the middle, you see the Editor. You can inspect variables directly in the source editor with a datatips pop-up window, which shares the same display layout as the debug area variable view. The View Debugging option allows a special debugging library used by view hierarchy debugging to be injected into your app context when running in the debugger; it is on by default. Show only running blocks. Apply your insight into the cause of the problem to devise a solution, and edit the code to suit. Choosing Edit Breakpoint displays the breakpoint editor, allowing you to set conditions, add actions, and so forth, as mentioned inBreakpoints. You can use any variables that are in the current scope for that breakpoint. The bug was mission-critical and we couldn’t afford to wait until we upgrade to Xcode 12. A target specifies a product to build, such as an iOS, watchOS, or OS X app. You can use the source editor alone during a debugging session with the debug area hidden, showing only the debug bar, to give you a larger view of your source code and the flow of your program as you step. Logging with NSLog is sent to the console as well.

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